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Group Name, Address, City. Regional library system is in parenthesis.

Library Leadership Group – Hamilton County, 102 West Avenue C, Syracuse (SWKLS)
Friends of the Rossville Community Library, PO Box 168, Rossville (NEKLS)
Friends of the Salina Public Library, 301 W Elm, Salina (NCKLS)


Hamilton County Library

Carol Barta
Enilee Bergman
Julie Biswell
Amy Brucker
Scott Gillum
Sarene McCrory
Christi  A McKenzie
Gene Scott
Janet S Schmidt

Group Name, Address, City. Regional library system is in parenthesis.

Friends of the Andover Library, 1511 E Central, Andover (SCKLS)
Friends of August Public Library, 1609 State St, Augusta (SCKL)
Friends of the Basehor Community Library, 1400 158th St, Basehor (NEKLS)
Friends of the Belleville Library, 1327 19th St, Belleville (NCKLS)
Friends of Burlingame Community Library, 122 W Santa Fe, Burlingame (NCKLS)
Can-Kan Friends of the Library, 211 W 5th, Caney (SEKLS)
Friends of Cherryvale Public Library, 4968 CR 5000, Cherryvale (SEKLS)
Friends of the Council Grove Library, 1957 Dunlap Rd, Council Grove (NCKLS)
Friends of the Derby Public Library, 1100 E James, Derby (SCKLS)
Friends of Dorothy Bramlage Public Library, 230 W 7th, Junction City (NCKLS)
Friends of Dodge City Public Library, 1001 Second Ave, Dodge City (SWKLS)
Douglass Friends of the Library, PO Box 191, Douglass (SCKLS)
Friends of the Garnett Public Library, 125 W 4th Ave, Garnett (NEKLS)
Gridley Friends of the Library, PO Box 251, Gridley (SEKLS)
Friends of Hays Public Library, 1205 Main St, Hays (CKLS)
Haysville Friends of the Library, 210 S Hays, Haysville (SCKLS)
Friends of the Ida Long Goodman Memorial Library, 111 Centennial Court, St. John (SCKLS)
Friends of Iola Public Library, 218 E Madison, Iola (SEKLS)
Friends of the Jay Johnson Public Library, 411 Main St, Quinter (NWKLS)
Friends of Jetmore Public Library, 310 Main Street, Jetmore (SWKLS)
Friends of the Johnson County Library, 8700 Mission Pkwy, Merriam (NEKLS)
Friends of Kingman Library, 1726 Sidney, Kingman (SCKLS)
Friends of the Kinsley Library, 208 E 8th, Kinsley (SWKLS)
Friends of the Lansing Community Library, PO Box 287, Lansing (NEKLS)
Friends and Foundation of the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont St, Lawrence (NEKLS)
Friends of the Liberal Memorial Library, 519 N Kansas Ave, Liberal (SWKLS)
Friends of the Library District #2 (LaCygne), PO Box 127, LaCygne (SEKLS)
Library Leadership Group – Hamilton County, 102 West Avenue C, Syracuse (SWKLS)
Friends of the Lincoln Carnegie Library, 203 S 3rd St, Lincoln (NCKLS)
Friends of the Lindsborg Library, 111 S Main St, Lindsborg (SCKLS)
Manhattan Library Association, 629 Poyntz Ave, Manhattan (NCKLS)

Friends of Meade Library, PO Box 609, Meade (SWKLS)
Friends of the Morrill Free Public Library, 431 Oregon Street, Hiawatha (NEKLS)
Friends of the Nickerson Public Library, 4412 North Salem Rd, Nickerson (SCKLS)
Friends of Oberlin Libraries, 104 E Oak St, Oberlin (NWKLS)
Friends of Olathe Public Library, 201 E Park St, Olathe (NEKLS)
Friends of Pittsburg Public Library, 308 N Walnut, Pittsburg (SEKLS)
Friends of the Riley City Library, Riley (NCKLS)
Friends of the Rossville Community Library, 407 N Main, Rossville (NEKLS)
Friends of Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, 1515 SW 10th Ave, Topeka (NEKLS)
Friends of the Towanda Public Library, PO Box 123, Towanda (SCKLS)
Friends of the Vermillion Community, 309 Happy Hollow St, Vermillion (NEKLS)
Friends of Wamego Public Library, 431 Lincoln Ave, Wamego (NCKLS)
Friends of the White City Public Library, 900 E Mackenzie St, White City (NCKLS)
Friends of the Wichita Public Library, 711 W 2nd St N, Wichita (SCKLS)
School Library Advocacy Group of Wichita, 10706 Lockman, Wichita (SCKLS)


Basehor Community Library
Eudora Public Library
Goodland Public Library
Hamilton County Library
North Central Kansas Libraries System
Northeast Kansas Library System
Northwest Kansas Library System
Oberlin City Library
Ottawa Library
Pleasanton Lincoln Library
Turon Community Library
Vermillion Public Library